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Please, follow the instructions below to submit samples and assure their integrity.

request for analysis form (RFA)

Please, fill out the RFA below and submit with your samples as well as email it to us. Consult with the lab (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for instructions.

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collection and shipping of samples

BCN Research Laboratories, Inc.
2491 Stock Creek Blvd.
(800)236-0505/(865) 573-7511

cooler return

Coolers will be returned at the customer’s cost if return is selected on the RFA.

saturday delivery

BCN Labs accepts sample deliveries for processing on Saturdays in an effort to provide faster turnaround time for critical samples.  Please, request Saturday Delivery when shipping the samples.  Additional fees may apply for weekend priority turnaround; call 800-236-0505/865-573-7511 for details.

 sample retention policy

Unless other sample retention times are requested by the customer in writing, samples will be retained for: 

  • Environmental samples (swabs and sponges) – discarded after testing.
  • Water samples – discarded after testing.
  • Refrigerated samples --- three weeks after the test has been completed
  • Shelf-life stable sample -- three weeks after the test has been completed
  • Frozen samples – three weeks after the test has been completed
  • Empty containers and caps – discarded after testing.
  • Litigation samples – retained until customer requests their disposal