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EPA Drinking Water and Waste Water Tests

The USEPA has mandated certain testing for Drinking Water. These include microbiological and chemical testing. BCN Labs is certified by the USEPA (lab #03070) for certain Drinking Water tests.

Waste Water Testing

Waste water is an important aspect of our environment. The quality of our waste directly affects the quality of our lives. Accurate, reliable, quick testing is essential to determine waste water quality compliance with EPA mandated limits. Contact BCN for a list of tests available.

Microbiological Tests

BCN Labs offers a wide array of water and wastewater microbiological tests. Below is a list of some of the tests we perform.

  • Heterotrophic Count (Total Plate Count)
  • Total Coliforms/E. coli (Absence/Presence)
  • Heterotrophic Count (Total Plate Count)
  • Fecal Coliforms (membrane Filtration)
  • E. coli (membrane Filtration)
  • Fecal Streptococci